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  • 2011年12月英语四级答案
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        Where There Is a Will There Is a Way




        There is an old saying: where there is a will, there is a way. It tells us that a strong will is the most essential quality that anyone who wants to achieve success. It can contribute a lot to one’s success.

        Although“All roads lead to Rome”, none of them is completely smooth. Our life is filled with obstacles which may make us feel so hopeless that we may choose to give up. At the crucial moment, strong will helps a lot. As a matter of fact, the ability to work through difficult situation and unfortunate events with strong will can make one stronger and more capable. In other words, if we want to realize life’s goal, we must keep forging ahead with strong consciousness.

        From what has been discussed above, we can see that the establishment of tough determination is of great importance to everyone. With a strong will, including our knowledge, we will be able to deal with any situation in our life. Whatever we do, as long as we stick to and do not give up easily, we will realize the goal at last.


        Section A

        11.答案:B) Go and ask the staff.

        12.答案:A) He fell asleep in the middle of the TV program.

        13.答案:B) She is worried about missing her flight.

        14.答案:A) In a restaurant

        15.A) He is being interviewed for a job.

        16.B) The man is unlikely to move out of the dormitory.

        17.D) The woman is going to make her topic more focused.

        18.B) They didn’t quite enjoy their last picnic.

        19.B)He prefers hot weather to cold weather.

        20.B)The cold houses.


        22.B)They work hard and play hard.

        23. What was the man’s major at university?


        24. What was the man’s job in secondary schools?

        答案:C)careers guidance.

        25. What attracted the man to Nottingham University?

        答案:B)Its pleasant environment.

        Section B

        Passage One(听力短文第一大题)

        26. A. The art of Japanese brush painting

        27. A. To enhance concentration

        28. C. How listeners in different cultures show respect

        Passage Two(听力短文第二大题)

        29. A. Buying and maintaining equipment.

        30. A. Two of his employees committed theft.

        31. D. Advancement to a higher promotion

        32. D. She is competing with Chris for that new job.

        33. A)They help us see the important values of a culture.

        34.B) The values they reflect may change.

        35. What do we learn from the study of proverbs from around the world?

        Section C

        Compound Dictation

        Our lives are woven together. As much as I enjoy my own(36)company, I no longer imagine I can get through a (37)single day much less all my life,(38)completely on my own. Even if I am on(39) vacation in the mountains, I am eating food someone else has grown, living in a house someone else has built, wearing clothes someone else has(40) sewn from cloth woven by others, using (41)electricity someone else is distributing to my house. (42)Evidence of interdependence is everywhere; we are on this (43)journey together.

        As I was growing up,(44) I remember being carefully taught that independence not interdependence was everything. “Make your own way”,” Stand on your own two feet” or my mother’s favorite remark when I was face-to-face with consequences of some action: Now that you’ve made your bed, lie on it.

        Total independence is a dominant thing in our culture. I imagine that (45)what my parents were trying to teach me was to take responsibilities for my actions and my choices. But the teaching was shaped by our cultural imagines. And instead, I grew up believing that I was supposed to be totally independent and consequently became very reluctant to ask for help.

        (47)I would do almost anything not to be a burden, and not require any help from anybody.


        Section A

        47 growth

        48 stable

        49 challenges

        50 certainly

        51 role

        52 combined

        53 significant

        54 included

        55 comprise

        56 solutions

        Section B

        Passage One

        57, C encourage boys to express their emotions freely

        58, A perform relatively better

        59, C It fails to give boys the attention they need

        60, A teaching can be tailored to suit the characteristics of boys

        61, C They have sharper vision

        Passage Two

        62. C . It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

        63. D. Disputes over money may ruin a relationship.

        64. A. conflicts between couples tend to rise

        65. D. men and women view money in different ways.

        66. C. discuss money matters to maintain a healthy relationship.























        87. Charity groups organized various activities to raise money for the survivors of the earthquake. (为地震幸存者筹款)

        88. Linda couldn’t have received my e-mail (不可能收到我的电子邮件), otherwise, she could have replied.

        89. It’s my mother who/that keeps encouraging me not to lose heart (一直鼓励我不要灰心) when I have difficulties in my study.

        90. The publishing house has to consider the popularity of this novel. (考虑这本小说的受欢迎程度)。

        91. It’s wrong to define happiness only by money.(仅仅以金钱来定义幸福) 










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